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For well over a decade Ben Graham-Nellor has been helping clients achieve financial success through his financial advice firm, Smart Happy Money ( and business coaching service Smart Happy Business ( Taking the knowledge and skills learned through growing a business and helping hundreds of people achieve their goals, Ben brings energy and encouragement through speaking, coaching and blogging. 

Ben has discovered through the years that many people who run a business end up tired, worn out and ready to give it all up.  In fact, all the excitement felt at the start, is gone. This puts pressure on the individual, family and friends. The business ends up running you, not the other way around. 

When beginning his financial planning business in 2006, Ben decided this would not be the way. He has built a successful practice while keeping time aside for his family, travelling., spending time with friends and even keeping weekends free to visit his beach house. 

One day Ben sat down to figure out why he was able to do his, when others had not. That's where the 6 steps to a successful lifestyle practice was born and Smart Happy Business came to life. 

Ben wants to help others achieve the balance of life that they deserve. 

In his spare time Ben enjoys visiting his holiday home on Phillip Island in Victoria, playing drums, travelling and spending time in his garden. 

Ben is married to Stephanie and has 3 children, Caleb, Letitia and Elijah. 


What do people say about Ben?

"I’ve worked with Ben over many years and find his ability to communicate a message to a crowd sincere, informative and well received.

Ben absolutely impressed the audience with his presentations relating to financial security and wealth creation.  


As a keynote speaker his genuine approach coupled with his solid understanding of the finance world was delivered in a palatable and understandable way. He well exceeded our (already high) expectations.  

His ability to communicate on all levels makes him ideal as a keynote speaker.  

Simply speaking – I couldn’t recommend Ben Graham Nellor highly enough."

-Chris Bockisch Director Property in a Box.

"My husband and I are novices when it comes to super and investments so we were feeling fairly tentative when we first met with Ben, but as soon as we walked in the door he made us feel welcome and took the time walk us through all our questions and fears.


Ben is super helpful and flexible with meeting times, supporting the time restrictions of full time workers, and is readily contactable.


We feel very safe and assured that our savings are in good hands.”

Karina- Client

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