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Educate and Inspire

Ben can present to your group large or small.  The audience will leave inspired with rock solid steps they can take towards reaching their desired outcomes.

'The 6 steps to a successful lifestyle business'

This keynote covers the 6 steps Ben has discovered will help people build a business that supports their desired lifestyle. This will inspire people to rethink the way they run a business, take into account their values and broaden the way they set goals for themselves and their business. 


'What's the point?'

This keynote has been specifically designed for those running or thinking about starting a small business.  It explores the reasons behind starting a business and how to use your business to achieve financial success. This is a must for anyone who is self employed. This can be delivered in the form of a presentation or a longer workshop. 

'Protect Secure Grow'

In this keynote Ben outlines the steps required to achieve financial security and success.  This can be delivered in the form of a presentation or a longer workshop.

'Spend and live your values'

In this keynote Ben will explain how we spend our time and money reveals where our true values lie.  He will teach that good money management isn't about denying yourself, rather it is about determining where your values lie and spending accordingly. 

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